Montag, 16. November 2015

Thinking about Paris

After the terrorist attack in Paris last friday (it was a friday the 13th - what a stereotypical date for bad things happen!) the speechless world has started the wave of support for Parisians and France with the simple image of peace sign combined with Eiffel Tower.
I don't need to say how terrible it was, I only want the whole world is a safe place for everyone. Let's commemorate victims of Paris terror and let us pray for future without violence. Together we are stronger than terrorists! #prayforparis
I cannot draw with my left hand so I just found some images about Paris for my right hand.

Montag, 2. Februar 2015

Jungle?.. Dschungel!

Hallöchen zum Ende der neunten Staffel von "Ich bin ein Star - Holt mich hier raus!"

Die Staffel 2015 ist jeden Tag als die langweiligste in der Geschichte der Sendung bezeichnet worden. Grüne Langeweile... Ja, kein Zoff, keine bemerkenswerte oder überhaupt welche Ereignisse. Nur Walter allein hat ein bisschen den Schlafmützenhaufen aufgemischt. Dann wurde er rausgewählt und was passiert? Man redet andauernd wieder über Walter. Maren hat es bis zur Dschungel-Krone geschafft, was ich ihr gönne: sie hatte als einzige in diesem Camp Eier in der Hose!

Aus dem gegebenen Anlass gibt es bei  mir eine "Dschungel"-Maniküre.
Über eine hellgrüne Basis habe ich ein paar Farbakzente aufgesponget (hm, gibt's so ein Wort?).  Dann habe ich mit der Schablone von Petla "Wishes" mit dem dunkleren Grün (alessandro mini Voyeuristic Green) Bananenblätter drauf gestempt. Auf dem Ringfinger habe ich Grassmuster von MoYou London mother nature 08.

Und was ich schon seit einer längeren Zeit ausprobieren wollte, ist Stemping mit Transferfolien. Ich dachte, ein paar grün glänzende Tierchen passen in das Blätterdickicht perfekt. Essence-Schablonen haben zwei passende Tiere geliefert: eine Eidechse und eine Schlange. Die Versuche mit den normalen Stemping-Lacken waren nicht so erfolgreich: Transferfolie hat nicht gut gehaftet. Aber von Conny Vogel (in einer FB-Community) gab es einen Tipp, nämlich Modellbaufarben zu benutzen, z.B. von Revell. Und es hat tatsächlich wunderbar geklappt: ich habe zuerst mit der schwarzen Farbe Motive auf die Nägel gestempelt und sofort die Folie darauf gedrückt: und voilà - Eidechse und Schlange sind da!

Damit der holografische Glanz der Folie nicht zertört wird, trage ich zuerst zwei Schichten von einem Acryl-Klarlack auf. Danach kommt eine Schicht von Top-Coat. Obwohl es auf dem Klarlack klar und deutlich geschrieben steht, dass er "nicht gilbend" wäre, hat er wohl trotzdem die Farben unter der Folie beeinflusst: über die Nacht hat er die relativ dunkle grüne Farbe ausgebleicht. Man beachte die Ränder vom Nagel, wo nicht so viel vom Klarlack aufgetragen wurde:
Gut, daraus lernen wir, dass die unteren Schichten eventuell mit einem Überlack zu schützen sind, wenn man nicht gerade so einen Farbenwechsel beabsichtigt.

Bis zum nächsten Mal!
#ibes, #dschungelcamp2015

Sonntag, 30. November 2014


The last part of MoYou London's contest was themed "Alice". This time I didn't take this too literally and discarded ideas to picture the heroine. This mani was a bit inspired by other nailistas' work in previous weeks.
Alice colours are blue and white, I guess. Also check pattern and roses belong to the theme. Luckily MoYou has got a plate with the quote by O. Wild: "Be youself; everyone else is already taken." I think this phrase suits Alice very well, as she stuck in her personality crisis after changing her size repeatedly.
And we cannot miss some cake crying: "Eat me!"
After putting all the motifs together I put some pearls and white 3D roses from essence "jewel set".
 I used
as base colour: misslyn silk touch 07
as sponging nuances: varios polishes in light blue, white and stone-grey-blue
as stamping polish: Yves Rocher Argent nacré, white stampy by essence
stamping images: MoYou London scholar 02 (quote), landscape 05 (roses), princess 08 (muffin), princess 10 (check).

Donnerstag, 27. November 2014



Today some people celebrate Thanksgiving. Here in Germany there is no thanksgiving, but people already get ready for Advent-Christmas-marathon with mountains of sweets to be eaten and lakes of hot wine punch to be drunk.
Let's join the celebration of the harvest and plentifulness of the autumn!

 Autumn colours are created with some orange nuances and pink, yellow and light brown sponged over the base colour (010 gleaming apricot by p2 LE Beauty Stories). Also the mini polish by Yves Rocher Brun cuivré is very autumn-like.
 Stamping plates I used:
Bundle Monster BM-H13 on middle, ring and pinky.
Bunny Nails HD-E on thumb and index.

Sonntag, 23. November 2014

Mad Hatter

Just by chance I saw the pics of other people who participated in MoYou London's contest "Alice in Wonderland" on Instagram. Some had wonderful ideas about White Rabbit and Mad Hatter and they inspired me to try too. Unfortunately there are restrictions: you have to use MoYou plates. Originally I had another idea whithout MoYou plates, but then I changed it. Somehow I am not really satisfied how it turned out...

The theme of this week were Mad Hatter.
I wanted to go to the roots and looked out for illustrations by J. Tenniel. They were all black and white, but some of the pictures were coloured later, although the colours were not uniform.
I took a pattern of Hatter's suit light yellow and black checked. This is MoYou plate princess collection 13. Than I painted the famous hat with the tag 10/6 and his bow tie. Teacup and teapot come from Winstonia W215 and MessyMansion MM10.


Donnerstag, 20. November 2014

Kind of victorian

I  dug out a light pinkish lavender colour by Catrice from LE Candyshock (C01 I Scream: Ice Cream!), which I didn't wear long enough.
The tourist collection 03 by MoYou London has images you would associate with Paris, but it has also some stripes-laces and lady-in-a-frame images. I used them for this look. Not sure, if that would be called victorian...
I stamped with essie Smokin' hot.

Sonntag, 16. November 2014

Leadlighted peonies

Hello again!

We've got flower power! Lovely peonies from MoYou London plate pro collection 06. This is the first time I used the leadlight technique: you just colour your design over the stamped nail with sheer nail polishes. The base is typically white or other light colour and you stamp with black or otherwise dark nuance, which would be well seen through the sheer polish layer.


First I painted my nails with pure white and added some glittery sheer white polish (Yves Rocher Blanc neige) above. Then I stamped with black. And then I coloured the peonies with some polishes which I made more translucent by adding clear polish. Also I've got a really sheer red polish by Shiseido, and it suits very well for leadlighting. It is on the big petals around and over peach-colored areas. Due to its transparency the polish looks rather pink than red.

In the middle of November my chrysanthemums are breaking into bloom.
I think leadlight technique is more fun, if you've got ready to use sheer polishes. Some of mixed with clear polishes are stell not transparent enough.